Family Gatherings

Together, like family.

Some years ago we stopped traveling to find places and started traveling to find people. In Denmark and Spain, Morocco and Mexico we found new friends, curious intrepids, exploring the richness of family life in their own lands, inspiring, challenging and teaching. These people became our anchors in new harbours. Family travel became easier and so much more rewarding. 

Since 2018 we have hosted QC Family Gatherings to bring people like them, people like you, together for 7-10 day travel experiences in amazing locations. And at the end of each Gathering we always wonder, how do we do this longer, more often, deeper? 

This Spring we hosted our first long Gathering, a month-long event we called Pop-Up Life on the Costa Vicentina in southwest Portugal. It was a beautiful experience, and we’re so happy to announce that we are doing it again this Fall! For details, CLICK HERE




Stay tuned for announcements on these upcoming trips. It’s going to be a beautiful year! 










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