Family Gatherings

Together, like family.

Some years ago we stopped traveling to find places and started traveling to find people. In Denmark and Spain, Morocco and Mexico we found new friends, curious intrepids, exploring the richness of family life in their own lands, inspiring, challenging and teaching. These people became our anchors in new harbours. Family travel became easier and so much more rewarding. 

And now we’re bringing people like them, people like you, together. QC Family Gatherings is a series of travel experiences in amazing locations. We find incredible properties, just the right size for a few families, with space for kids to run, a pool for cooling off, a big kitchen and a healthy supply of candles and wine glasses for after the kids are down. We’ll build a base camp for exploring and set you up for a rich and authentic window into local family life. 


Morocco has captured the imagination of travelers for centuries. A few short miles across the Mediterranean this northern tip of Africa is a gateway to another world, with bustling souks, the richest flavours and textures.

This is the homeland of the Berber Moors, the entrance to the Sahara. Arabic, French, African. Morocco is filled with movement, colour and spice, a romance hidden behind veils and latticed windows. But for all its mystery, there is no other place we’ve been where children are as openly loved, where family is as warmly celebrated. Children are the key to unlocking this amazing culture.

Join us as we explore this remarkable, diverse country, with all its noise and energy, its quiet moments and sense of destiny. Click here to learn more.