Family Gathering -Tinos

June 15 to 28

July 1 to 14

 Tinos is stark beauty in a duochrome of white and blue. In this quietest corner of the Cyclades, the dream of Greek island life moves slowly, in stone and wind, down long, winding roads, past ancient dovecotes and tumbles of sugar cube houses. This island is no secret; pilgrims have been coming for centuries to visit the miraculous icon of Mary in the main port town, but for those seeking another kind of miracle Tinos is just starting to come into focus. From its ancient stone terraces to its sparkling blue water and marble seabeds, its dozens of sleepy villages and its lively fishermen’s tavernas, Tinos is the Cycladean dream we had always hoped to find. We can’t wait to catch a boat to Tinos with you this summer.

For this return to Tinos we’ve decided to move more slowly. It requires some effort to get here and it’s worth taking your time. Two trips of two weeks each, with more space for discovery and more time for family. Families will manage their own accommodation (we can help). The schedule is light, with freedom to explore and special moments to come together, like family.


Take a trip to the Saint Sea, with its calm cove and gentle, sandy beach. Hike around the corner, past the shrine of Saint Nicholas and watch the waves claw at the windward edge of the island. The brave can ford the isthmus to the island of Planet and its centuries-old lighthouse while the rest swim in the small pool beneath the wild, carved face of Aeolus, the ancient god of the wind.

Have dinner at the island’s most celebrated restaurant, built directly on the quay in a tiny fishing village. Enjoy an inventive perspective on Greece’s fabled cuisine and pick up our feet when rogue waves wash across the stone floor of the open dining room.  

Travel by car down a dirt road, cut through mountains of jagged green marble to a hidden cove, visited only by the fishermen who keep their boats in aging boathouses at the back of the pebbled beach. The seafloor here is slabs of the same green marble from the mountain above, softened and worn by the waves.

Take a trip to an ancient vineyard to learn how young winemakers are bringing good juice out of these stones, and how they keep goats from ruining the whole thing. 

Walk through some of the most picturesque hillside villages on the island, with their marble passageways, small tavernas and bustling squares. We’ll introduce you to the best spots for coffee or a beer, or ypovrichio, the sticky, sappy “submarine” aperitif served on a submerged spoon.

Plus a few surprises 😉

DATES: June 15 to 28, and July 1 to 14

COST: 1200€ for adults. 625€ for children. Three years and under are free.

WHAT’S INCLUDED:     Four long-table dinners, including local wine. Two outings each week, to explore some of Tinos’ local secrets. One Happy Hour meetup each week. Two Beach Day picnic lunches for the whole family. Our Field Guide to Tinos, with practical information and inspiration to help you get the most out of your stay. Plenty of time to connect and explore together. Loosely scheduled to allow flexibility and time with family.

WHAT’S NOT INCLUDED:     LODGING We will share our collection of preferred properties and provide feedback on other selections you may find, but booking and managing lodging is your responsibility. There are 70+ villages on the island; our explorations will focus on the quiet north. We are happy to help guide your family to the lodging that will suit you the best.     TRANSPORTATION A car is a must on Tinos. We have a relationship with one of the local rental agencies and can help you get your car for best price possible. We can offer guidance to help make sense of the rather complicated Greek ferry system.     FOOD AND DRINK except where noted.

WHO IS THIS FOR:     This Gathering is for curious families who would like to explore a remarkable Greek island in a unique and connected way. Our families are open-hearted and thoughtful travelers who appreciate quality over quantity.

INCLUSIVITY:     A “Family” can take many shapes and configurations and ALL are welcome at our Gatherings, all orientations, races, ages and configurations. The value of our Gatherings comes in large part from the incredible people who join us. We are constantly inspired by the families we are lucky enough to visit these destinations alongside.

Tinos is made for exploring. We’ll visit a new corner of the island every day, and you are welcome to venture out on your own or join others for the experience

We expect these trips will fill quickly. 

HOW TO GET TO TINOS: Option 1 -Fly to Athens, then take a 2.5 hour ferry directly to Tinos. Option 2 -Fly to Mykonos and take a 15 minute ferry to Tinos.

For booking please contact

For queries please email

We would love to see you on Tinos! 







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