Pop-Up Life, Bali

February 6 to March 3


March 6 to 31


Bali is not a secret. But it is a holder of secrets. With enough time and some gentle and humble excavation this magical island begins to open like a flower. The chaos of town starts to look patterned, the quiet becomes easier to find, the peace grows deeper. For these two Pop-Up Life events in Bali we will move slowly into this stunning landscape, guided by some of the most gifted educators we’ve ever met.

There is a current of creative energy running through Bali that we’ve typically only found in big, buzzing capitals. Just sit quietly with your coffee for 15 minutes at one of the local cafes and you’ll catch fragments of incredible conversation: wild projects, events, new business ideas, new models of nearly everything, and a sense that absolutely anything is possible. It’s a place that attracts those who have moved past their patterns.

And here in this creative, connected place we encountered three people who are helping us shape the future of Pop-Up Life. Anthony and Elle Hayes, and Noan Fesnoux have decades of experience in groundbreaking education in Australia, Bali and far beyond. Together we are designing a learning program that is considered, child-centered, and which pulls the best from the incredible opportunity of these months together in Bali.

Our learning program will run Monday to Thursday, with Friday as a day to explore together as families. We’ll learn about ourselves and our environment through student-led projects, site visits that dive into local village life and intentional reflection. We believe that learning how to learn and developing those durable human skills will be the biggest gifts we can give our children, and the best preparation for a whole future. Our program is gentle, and respects the curiosity and gifts innate in our kids.

Family Fridays we’ll gather at a local beach or waterfall, visit a temple or market, and explore together.

Over the month we will enjoy this magical island together, as a community of friends. Impromptu potlucks, afternoon hangouts, pool parties and sleepovers. We’ll learn to rely on each other for support, and draw inspiration from what is always an amazing collection of courageous, curious families. We can’t wait to see who shows up for this one. We know that if Bali is calling you, if this program sounds like the right thing for your family, then you’ll belong here with us.


$3000 usd for an adult + child.

$2500 usd for an additional child.

$500 usd for an additional adult.

Children four and under are too young to participate in the program, but can attend for free.


Welcome Gathering, with dinner and drinks.

Four learning program days each week. Includes lunch and all materials.

Excursions for the kids during the program. We’ll spend regular time with a rice farmer and make visits to the nearby villages.

One Family Day each week, an exploration of a local beach or other destination. Feel free to drop off the kids if you need some extra time to work.

Concierge Service. Our assistance throughout the month and as you prepare. If you have questions on travel planning, lodging, transport, healthy travel, etc, we will make ourselves available. A month in a new place can bring a lot of questions, and we are here to help.

Community! Over the course of this month we’ll come together, like family. There’s no better environment for discovery and learning than in the safety and comfort of a group of likeminded people. We’re also happy to introduce you to the friends we’ve made in Bali, inspiring families who have their finger on the creative pulse of the island.

Our Field Guide to the area, with the practical info you need and introductions to the good stuff, favourite surf spots, best restaurants, best local partners, secret beaches, etc.

Farewell Gathering, with dinner and drinks.

NOT INCLUDED Lodging, meals except where noted, flights, airport transfers and any extras or additional excursions.

LOCATION Our learning program will make its homebase in the Tabanan/Pererenan area. Drive up the coast from Canggu, far enough from the frenzy to feel truly peaceful but close enough to make it to Crate for a flat white. This area is famous for its rice paddies and natural coastline.

WHO IS THIS FOR? Bali has a way of bringing you what you need, even when that need may be hidden from you. If you carry some notion that there’s a life beyond the typical pattern, and if you’re curious to dip your toe into that, this one’s for you. Bali is a place to heal, to reconnect with your partner, your kids and with yourself. If you’re curious about new models for learning this is for you. If you want to experience something new with your family and to capture more meaningful time with your kids, this is for you. If you appreciate quality over quantity this is for you. If you’re a humble traveller and a life-long learner, this is for you.

WHAT IF I CAN’T COME FOR A WHOLE MONTH? We see exponential value in an experience that lasts beyond the length of a typical holiday. Patterns start to unravel and you begin to see how open the sky above you really is. We only have space for 12 kids in each of these months, and we are holding those spots for families who can commit to the entire program. We understand not everyone will have that ability, so if two weeks is what you have please get in touch and we will add you to our short-stay waitlist.


TO JOIN, or if you have FURTHER QUESTIONS, send an email to martin@quartiercollective.com