Custom Trips

From two-week holidays to year-long odysseys, we work with families to design and prepare for trips that are deeper, more connected and more transformative. There are a thousands reasons to take that trip, and just as many obstacles. Our most important work is helping you move past the patterns and systems that prepare you for the trip that will change your life. 

Over the last few years we have slowly built our library of destinations, following hunches and tips from friends in the know, and linking it together with good coffee and natural wine. We’ve also road-tested long travel, moving through the challenges and opportunities that longer trips provide.

There’s a lot that goes into designing and preparing for travel, regardless of the length. From knowledge and suggestions to complete planning, logistics and support, we can help your family experience travel that is completely unique and deeply connected.

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It’s a big deal to take your family out of its comfort zone, beyond the patterns that make things manageable and doable. But even a short journey can have a massive impact and build memories that last a lifetime.

Holiday planning is about setting direction and managing details so you can get right to the good stuff, the inspiration and connection, the reasons you want to travel in the first place.

We can help build a complete itinerary that addresses: 

Destinations based on your priorities.

Routing; how to get from here to there and back again, economically and sensibly.

Lodging; strategies and options.

Favourite addresses from our Black Book and from our network.

Connection to experiences that are honest and inspiring.

There is no wrong time, no wrong age to take your kids on that grand family voyage. The sense of adventure, of team, of strength and the pure excitement are impossible to duplicate. Even if your long voyage leads you back where you started you will find you have changed, your kids have changed, and your understanding of home will have grown richer.

For those considering longer travel we are your coach, your cheerleader, your therapist and your planning partner. Our work can include:

Education and learning options during long travel.

Destinations and routing strategies that consider interests, priorities, climate, holidays, visa restrictions, safety, budget and more.

Luggage strategies, from what to pack to how to pack it, and when to ship.

Phones; keeping costs down, communication up and maintaining 2FA capabilities.

Developing community during travel.

Visas and restrictions.

Healthcare on the road; how to plan for emergencies, maintenance and guidance for insurance.

Contacts for English-speaking medical professionals.

Resupplying the needful: prescriptions, specialty toiletries, etc.

How to approach dietary restrictions.

Connection to the partners we’ve worked with and suggestions for experiences with them.

Lists of our favourite addresses in each place, or suggestions from our network.

Introductions to interesting families where and when possible.

Broad guidance on transport, how to find the best flights and car rental options by region.

Connection to local and vetted babysitters, where available.

Advice on building a road-tested travel medical kit, including homeopathics and preventatives. Includes remedies for tropical locations.

Country-specific logistics.

It’s our mission to help families travel in more connected and meaningful ways. If this sounds interesting, send us an email at