Bali Sessions

May 30 to June 23


September 5 to 29

Bali is not a secret. But it is a holder of secrets. With enough time and some gentle and humble excavation this magical island begins to open like a flower. The chaos of town starts to look patterned, the quiet becomes easier to find, the peace grows deeper.

While our family moves on to less green pastures (there is nothing greener than an Ubud rice field), we are thrilled to offer two additional learning sessions, working again with some of the incredible partners and friends we made during our time in Bali. These are four week sessions, with learning days running Tuesday through Friday, all centered near Ubud.

For these two Bali Sessions we will move slowly into this stunning landscape, guided by some of the most gifted educators we’ve ever met.

Lisé Whitfield

An educator, volcano scientist and former Broadway dancer, Lisé brings the two sides of her impressive experience in science and art to explore Balinese culture, tradition and contemporary life. Dance and costume are the medium for these days, as students experience an awakening to what they see out the window or walking down the street in Bali.

Astungkara Way

The team at Astungkara Way run one of the most deeply integrated regenerative farming projects in the country. They work directly with local farmers to support a return to natural and traditional farming practices, trading GMO seed and pesticides for permaculture and organics. We’ll spend two days per week at their learning centre in the middle of the rice paddies. We’ll learn about the rice cycle, local customs and recipes, working with our hands and with the richness of the land.

There is a current of creative energy running through Bali that we’ve typically only found in big, buzzing capitals. Just sit quietly with your coffee for 15 minutes at one of the local cafes and you’ll catch fragments of incredible conversation: wild projects, events, new business ideas, new models of nearly everything, and a sense that absolutely anything is possible. It’s a place that attracts those who have moved past their patterns.

In these sessions we’ll capture some of that energy through student-led projects, site visits and intentional reflection. We believe that learning how to learn and developing durable human skills will be the biggest gifts we can give our children, and the best preparation for a whole future. This program is gentle, and respects the curiosity and gifts innate in our kids.


€1500 per student.


Four learning program days each week, including all materials.

Vegetarian lunch during Astungkara Way days.

Our QC Field Guide to Bali, with practical info and introductions to the good stuff, favourite surf spots, best restaurants, best local partners, etc.


The sessions happen within a few minutes drive of Ubud, Bali’s cultural heartland. We will spend two days each week at Astungkara Way, and the other two at the Setia Darma House of Masks and Puppets. There will be optional excursions to attend performances and visit sites related to our studies.

WHO IS THIS FOR? If you’re visiting Bali or living here permanently and are looking for an immersive and connected experience for your kids, this is for you. We believe in a holistic approach to learning. While there are no designated subjects or workbooks to go through, important concepts in math, science and the human arts show up throughout. By putting our kids next to inspiring adults who are passionate about what they’re doing we feel we’re giving them a chance to light a spark that can be difficult to produce in a more traditional school environment. For travelling families like ours there is no better way to learn about a new country and culture, and no better way to grow our capacity to learn.

Our program is designed for children aged 6 to 14.

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