Broken Arms and Full Hearts

Part of our “job” is working with brands we love for hire. That can take many forms, from shooting entire collections in exotic locations to providing a few photos of us or our kids that a brand can use on their socials. Our following is modest and brands don’t really come to us for that floppy-hat influencer-style content, but we do love providing beautiful and authentic collections of photos and videos for companies to use on their own channels. 

And every once in a while we get to do something special, we get to work with friends! 

Early on in our voyage we met Lutz and Loreto, the husband/wife team behind Barcelona-based conscious apparel brand Two Thirds, and we fell in love with them! They were happy to meet for gelato multiple times per day, and their youngest, Ada, was able to match Viggo’s 3-yr-old bandito vibe perfectly. They introduced us to a gentle, family-friendly side of Barcelona we would never have otherwise discovered.

It was while we were with them in Barcelona that Francis fell too, not in love, but out of a swing at the park. I remember the sound of his shouts and the ashen colour of his skin. Lutz was our ambulance for poor Francis, and Loreto delivered care, meals and chocolate over the next three days as we waited in the hospital for the surgery to mend his broken arm. Loreto translated for us and helped us navigate the Spanish hospital system. Below, a photo just before and just after the fall… 

One of the challenges of travel is that, if something goes wrong, you’re a long ways from home and the support that comes with that. But Loreto and Lutz became our anchor, and we’ve been grateful to them ever since. It was a beautiful lesson for us that home is really a collection of people who are there to help. We carry that with us all over the world in our little unit of five, but for those couple of weeks Loreto and Lutz helped us find our home in Barcelona. And we’re so grateful.

This August they hired us to photograph a collection for the whole family. We shot in Ireland, in our favourite swimming cove and a few other places. We’re really proud of the work they’ve done with Two Thirds and we loved the photos that came from this shoot; we’re using one of them as our family portrait (thanks, random stranger, who managed to get all five of us in the frame).