Jack Straw Seattle


Just a block from Seattle’s steadfastly charming Pike Place Market, John Richards stands behind the polished, cross-cut wooden desk of Jack Straw. With its whitewashed cement walls stretching to a bare ceiling and square, heavy wooden fixtures and paneling the clothing shop feels like a modernist trapper’s cabin. An outpost on the fashion landscape filled with hand-picked essentials.

Richards is the kind of man you want helping design your frontier wardrobe. He’s opinionated and unapologetic with a crystal clear vision. His clothes suggest sensibility, effortless style and quality that will last. Jack Straw’s clothes are so beautiful you will want to wear them every day, and so well made that you actually could.The opposite of disposable fashion, Jack Straw’s seasons are not about trends or movements, but the organic flow of nature. Clear skies beginning to darken, leaves turning and falling to earth, winter’s chill and the fertile push of spring. John Richards has seen it all and can help you handle any season with grace and timeless ease.